Oregon: Day 1

After leaving Reno at about midnight we made it to our first destination, Crater Lake, just after sunrise. We all got out of the car very anxious despite our lack of sleep through the night and immediately started taking pictures. Four drones buzzed in the sky over the mirrored lake to get a snap of the island.

After Crater Lake we drove to our campsite for the night where we set up our tents and followed that with a bit of a nap. When we woke up we had a quick bite to eat then got in the truck and took off to the Umpqua Hot Springs. We were expecting a 3 mile long hike to get there but were surely surprised when we found out the trail was open to cars almost the whole way there.

We came back to camp and made some chili dogs for dinner. When we finished eating we took off on another hike to Toketee Falls. This was about a mile long hike all the way down to the bottom where we took a few long exposure shots, buzzed the drones around again and snacked on some watermelon.

We headed back to our campsite afterwards and went right to bed. It was a long first day, but very much worth it!