Hot Dogs at Emerald Bay

This is the result of a beautiful day and a text that says “You wanna go on a hike later today?”. We originally planned on going on a 3 mile hike to a place called Horse Tail Falls near Echo Lake, but because of time constraints we made a last minute audible and headed to Emerald Bay which was an hour closer driving and only a mile long hike. 

We headed out on a trail called Vikingsholm and when we got down to the lakefront we found that there were picnic tables submersed underwater. Tahoe is so full that there is no beach at Emerald Bay and picnic tables that people should be able to use are now only accessible by swimming out to them.

Once we got to our final destination we started cooking up some dogs on a camping stove while laying out on a rock not far from the waters edge.

While talking and laughing we came to the conclusion that hot dogs were one of the best hiking meals there is. Very simple, very tasty.