Oregon: Day 2

Day two consisted of packing up camp and driving to the nearest Starbucks to hook up to the wifi and start editing the photos from day one. On the way to Starbucks we stopped at Dutch Bros and Denny's because we all needed some real food.

After making friends with both the Dutch Bros employees and the Denny's waitresses we got to work at the nearest Starbucks. We spent a few hours there until we realized we were still a long way away from our next location to shoot at. So we left there pretty quickly and started making our way to the Natural Bridges State Park near Brookings, Oregon.

Because cell service was not at our disposal where we were at, we spent a good amount of time driving around trying to find where the spot exactly was that we wanted to go. When we finally figured it out we hiked through some pretty dense forest and down some very steep hills to drop down on top of one of the Natural Bridges that was surrounded by huge cliffs. The view was beautiful and we got there with perfect timing.

We ended the night by eating at a local pizza place and then found a really nice campsite near the coast to get some shut eye at. Day two was, yet again, another success!